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  Institute for Legal Analysis and Research is a non-governmental organization which serves the public interest. For the performance of its activities the institute has formed a permanent team of highly qualified law specialists, including acting magistrates - judges and prosecutors, legally competent jurists - some of them engaged in a direct function of lecturers, researchers and other specialists, well versed in the necessary research, teaching and practical potential for the implementation of the development strategies adopted, legal researches, analysis and monitoring over the areas of social life, observed by the Institute for Legal Analysis and Research.
   By means of its cooperation with the European institutions, guardians of fundamental rights in the European Union and other national authorities the organization aims to contribute to the achievement of a high standard for effective, transparent and accessible activities of the Bulgarian public authorities, oriented not only to the assortment of their prestige and independence, but to the enhancement of the public confidence in the work of state and municipal authorities in Bulgaria. The activity of Institute for Legal Analysis and Research is orientated to assist security and sustainability of positive and beneficial environment and conditions for effective proceedings of responsible, competent and motivated state and municipal authorities, state and municipal administration, institutions and officials of the judiciary within the entire country. The organization performs measures, recommended by the European Commission, concerning intensive monitoring over the activities of the public authorities in Bulgaria. Aiming to protect the public interest, the experts of the organization establish an effective system for civil monitoring, which shall help the authorities in Bulgaria to ensure and to permanently establish the principles of awareness, publicity, transparency, accountability, equality, fairness and predictability in their activities.
    The main task of the institute is to strengthen the functions of an organized and pro-active civil society, by means of monitoring and objective public control over the work of the state and municipal authorities to reach:
*  an accessible, transparent and well-timed justice, provided by judiciary open to the public;
* publicity, transparency, accountability, equality, fairness and predictability in the activities of all state and municipal authorities;
*  enhancement of the public confidence in the judiciary, state and municipal authorities;
*  ethical conduct, high responsibility and morale of all representatives of the public authorities in the country;
*  continuously improvement of the performance of state, municipal and judicial authorities, aiming to fulfill and protect the public interest.
   The main objectives set before the Institute for Legal Analysis and Research are directed towards:
*  formation of an active and organized civil society in the person of the entrepreneurial and active non-governmental sector;
assisting the process for achievement of quality, well-timed, transparent and accessible justice, guaranteed by a responsible, modern and open judiciary;
effective, responsible and open public institutions, in the country, implementing anticorruption management policy, observing for a conflict of interests prevention.
   Institute for Legal Analysis and Research aims to establish:
*  permanently active human rights protection standard;
*  enhancement of public confidence in the activities of the court, state and municipal authorities;
*  incensement in the level of awareness of state and municipal authorities, magistrates, lecturers, students and civil society;
protection of the rights and legitimate interest of citizens and legal persons through initiation of assistance from the national authorities and the authorities of the European Union;
taking initiatives to harmonize the Bulgarian legislation with the EU law;
an effective system for independent, intensive monitoring over the activities of the public authorities in Bulgaria.
  The activities of Institute for Legal Analysis and Research also focus on assisting state and municipal administrations as well as state and municipal entities or companies, public organizations and others in the competence exercising and working on European, national and local projects and cooperation activities.